Lamedica Oleum

La Nostra Passione
Our Passion

We are the farm Lamedica, we deal with every day to assist our land, and cultivate a very symbolic diversity of our country: "The Peranzana", present in Northern Puglia, the land of Daunia, in Upper Tavoliere;

L’Olio EVO possiede tante caratteristiche salutari
EVO oil has many healthy characteristics

Find out what are the benefits of consuming Peranzana EVO Oil and why it is good for health.

Assaggia Il Nostro Olio EVO
Taste Our EVO Oil

The ideal companion oil to enrich every recipe in the kitchen, thanks to its delicate flavor that fits nicely with each main course or dish.


Passion E.V.O.

Buy our Peranzana EVO Oil produced and packaged directly in the Oil Mill


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Our Farm and our Gold
100% Italian

Our company is located in the countryside of Torremaggiore, San Paolo di Civitate and San Severo.

As a family we work every day to guarantee a unique and precious product:

our Peranzana Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


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Excellent 100% Italian Apulian olive oil, company managed by courteous and qualified staff! Purchased online, I will definitely taste it again! Congratulations on the quality and commitment! Superb product!
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Coco Luz
Congratulations for the professionalism and honesty ...
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Marianna Fratta
Un olio così non l'avevo mai assaggiato, delicato, gustoso. Complimenti per la professionalità e la competenza 👍
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Our Product: synonymous of

The Farm
Lamedica is linked to ancient values:

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The Extravirgin

The ideal companion oil to enrich every recipe in the kitchen, thanks to its delicate flavor that fits nicely with each main course or dish.

100% Apulian

100% Extravirgin

Our Olive Oil
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The Fruit of Our Land Excellent For Seasoning Your Dishes

Peranzana EVO oil is excellent both for its fragrance and right spiciness, and for its content of nutritional substances. The characteristics of this quality of oil range from sweet, which is obtained from the pressing of the olives up to the slightly bitter aftertaste, which makes it special and unique.

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Our oil is produced and packaged directly in the mill and retains its properties over time

We put love and dedication in assisting our olive trees: from manual work to harvest, to then arrive at the mill.

antico frantoio
Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a friend of the heart, anticancer and ally of youth

Extra virgin olive oil is the condiment with the best fat balance.

It is particularly rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which among the fatty substances are the most active for the prevention of cardiovascular disorders, and poor in saturated fats, responsible for the increase in blood cholesterol levels and directly linked to problems such as occlusion. arteries, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction. Extra virgin olive oil contains very few, to the benefit of health. In particular, it abounds in oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat capable of regulating cholesterol levels (it reduces the level of LDL, "bad" cholesterol, compared to the level of HDL, "good" cholesterol).

Olio evo peranzana
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oleic acid it prevents arterial injuries and reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke, thrombosis and coronary heart disease in general. Furthermore, monounsaturated fats make extra virgin olive oil particularly resistant to alterations. This means that, if well preserved, it does not go rancid but above all tolerates cooking well, reaching even high temperatures (for example in fried food)

Our Territory
Castello ducale torremaggiore


The town's history is linked to that of the medieval village of Castel Fiorentino, whose ruins are located 10 km from the town on the San Severo-Castelnuovo della Daunia provincial road. Byzantine border village, it was re-founded by the catapano Basilio Boioannes around 1018. Later, it fell under Norman control, then Swabian, then Angevin, goes down in history because it welcomed the emperor Frederick II, who died in his domus on 13 December 1250. In 1255 the village was attacked by the troops of Pope Alexander IV, enemy of the Swabians. Meanwhile, the same fate happened to the inhabitants of Dragonara, another medieval village located west of Torremaggiore, of which only a castle used for agricultural purposes, and all its inhabitants took refuge near the Norman-Swabian Castrum of Torremaggiore, at shadow of the Benedictine abbey of San Pietro together with the inhabitants of Fiorentino. Thus, Abbot Leone allowed them to found a new village, which will be referred to with the term Codacchio in the century. XVII. The merger of the refugees from Fiorentino and Dragonara with the inhabitants of the abbey house of Terra Maggiore gave birth to today's town of Torremaggiore. The latter name is most likely inspired by the Norman-Swabian tower which still constitutes the oldest nucleus of the Ducal Castle. For five centuries, the town was a fief of the noble de Sangro family, princes of San Severo and dukes of Torremaggiore .

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