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Certifications and Awards

We were awarded in the "Best Tree." Di Ulivo Di Peranzana "organized by OlioeContorni: Paths of taste


  (Awarded Tree)


Award that was born as a fair recognition of a very important

work done every day by local olive growers for environmental protection

and landscape of our territory.


The event took place in Torremaggiore on 26-27-28 October 2018,

organized by the former Mayor Dr. Lino Monteleone, from the La Peranzana Association,

olive tree and oil from Daunia,

Consorzio la Peranzana, Coldiretti. With the purpose

to praise the fruits of our land.


Abbiamo ricevuto il Premio bronzo per qualita' al London iooc 2021

Aggiungi qui il testo dell'intestazione

Il Nostro Olio EVO Monocultivar Peranzana è stato premiato al London International Olive Oil Competitons il 21 Giugno 2021, Diretto da George Kouvelis e con la Partecipazione di un Team di Assaggiatori professionisti.

Ci troviamo inoltre nell’OliveOil Portal, per poter accedere alla nostra scheda e al portale cliccare sul logo del premio.

We got a recognition for our "video-promo" contest "TERRE DI PERANZANA, Oil and Pasta in celebration"

“Terre di Peranzana. Oil and pasta in celebration "

is the title of the event organized on 14 and 15 December 2018 by the Consortium

and by the Peranzana Association

and also sponsored by the Puglia Region and the Municipality of Torremaggiore.

A party to celebrate the excellence of the territory: the extra virgin olive oil of Peranzana, a fine cultivar of the Alto Tavoliere and artisan pasta for a perfect combination of aromas and flavors.


We have received a certificate of participation in the Selection of Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils of pUGLIA 2020 from AIS Puglia

"The Italian Sommelier Association of Puglia has returned to Villa Castelli and Ceglie Messapica (Br) to introduce and taste the main product ofour region, extra virgin olive oil, to tourists, sommeliers and enthusiasts and give them the opportunity to analyze and compare its sensory peculiarities.


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The event was held in the Upper Salento in the Tre Trulli Hotel Restaurant in Ceglie Messapica: a masterclass in the tasting of extra virgin olive oils conducted by Rocco Caliandro, oil sommelier belonging to the Italian Sommelier Puglia Association. The laboratory will see the educational combination of various types of oil with local gastronomic products.

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