Lamedica Oleum


lamedica ricette

Extra virgin olive oil is the absolute protagonist in our food culture. Appreciated by nutritionists, loved by chefs, it is an ally of all those who choose a healthy lifestyle, but also of those who embrace a vegan philosophy, replacing butter and other animal fats.
A round of oil, a clove of garlic and a pinch of chilli, and here is a dish of tasty and appetizing pasta; a few drops raw and even the simplest side dishes, salads and boiled vegetables shine with character; still raw, to give flavor to grilled meats or fish, to make marinades or to prepare sauces such as the classic mayonnaise, to flavor bruschetta, to season any specialty. And then in cooking, in sauces and dips, for light and fragrant fried foods, even to prepare fragrant and delicious desserts.
So you can follow this golden thread to design a full oil menu.


Bruschetta con olio evo e pomodoro

Preparation: Take some bread, preferably 1-2 days old and cut it into slices, toast and season with olive oil and salt. Serve hot.

 Variation: Before seasoning the toasted bread, rub it with a clove of garlic.



Preparation: Rub a slice of bread of one or two days with a ripe tomato (preferably small); then season with 15-20 gr. of oil

extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt.

This healthy food can well replace some children's "snacks" rich in preservatives, dyes and animal fats that are harmful to health.


pane e pomodoro

FOcaccia All’OliO

focaccia all'olio

Ingredients: 500 gr. of white flour, 1 teaspoon of salt, 25 gr. of brewer's yeast, a pinch of sugar, two glasses of water, extra virgin olive oil.

Arrange the flour on a pastry board and add a pinch of salt. Dissolve the brewer's yeast and sugar in a little water and pour the mixture over the flour; add the lard and start working the pasta by pouring the remaining warm water a little at a time until you get a smooth and elastic, rather soft dough. Then you will put it in a floured bowl, covering it with a napkin to let it rise in a warm place. The pasta must double in volume, so you will have to wait about two hours. When the dough is well swollen, overturn it on the floured pastry board, knead it again with your hands, roll it into a sheet about half a centimeter high and place it on the oiled baking sheet. Now all that remains is to salt the surface and season with extra virgin olive oil until cooked in the oven at about 200 degrees for about 20 minutes.


Pizza Margherita

Ingredients for 4 people:

Base: 1 kg. flour for bread, 30 gr. of salt, 30 gr. sugar, 1 sachet (or 1 cube) of brewer's yeast, water q.s. (About 3/4 of a liter), 2 tablespoons of oil

extra virgin olive oil.


Tomato puree, salt, oregano, mozzarella, basil and extra virgin olive oil.

1264 / 5000 Risultati della traduzione Preparation: Put the flour in a fairly large container (for example a large pot), add salt, sugar and brewer's yeast, mix well and slowly add the lukewarm water, continuing to mix until you get a homogeneous paste that is not too sticky. Knead everything vigorously for at least 10 minutes. Add the olive oil and knead for another couple of minutes, until the dough has completely reabsorbed the oil. Leave the pasta to rest in a warm place (for example in an oven which is off preheated to 40 degrees) for at least an hour (but not to exceed 2 hours). At this point the pasta should be doubled in volume. Make blocks of suitable size for the trays and the desired thickness of the pizza and spread them in lightly oiled trays. Add the tomato, which we have previously seasoned with oregano salt and a drizzle of oil and place in the oven preheated to 180/200 degrees. Halfway through cooking, add the diced mozzarella (if added together with the tomato it burns) and put it back in the oven until cooked (it should appear golden brown both in the edges and in the base). Remove from the oven, add a drizzle of oil and a few basil leaves and serve hot.


Pizza Margherita

Spaghettini Salsati AllE Olive, Pomodorini E Olio D’Oliva

ricetta con olio evo

Ingredients and doses for 4 people: 300 gr. of pasta such as noodles, some slices of onion, olives, 2 medium tomatoes cleaned of seeds, 4 dried tomatoes, some basil leaves, 6 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil.

Preparation: while the spaghetti are cooking, put the olive oil in a sauteuse then the onions, fresh tomatoes and cook for a few moments. Then pour in the spaghetti still very al dente and finish cooking. Before serving 

add the olives and dried tomatoes. Mix and serve by adding a few basil leaves and a drop of raw olive oil.

Maccheroni Alle Olive

Preparation: Prepare a sauce by frying in 100 gr. of extra virgin olive oil, 2 cloves of minced garlic, 4 chopped fresh tomatoes or 2 tablespoons of 

tomato sauce dissolved in a little water, 20 large pitted and chopped black olives and 4 bay leaves. Let it simmer until the sauce becomes thick. Meanwhile, cook 400 gr. of macaroni in abundant salted boiling water and pour them, when cooked, into a hot dish.

Add the sauce to the macaroni, mixing well and sprinkle with Parmesan or aged pecorino cheese.


macccheroni olive nere

Spaghetti Al Tartufo

pasta al tartufo

Ingredients: pasta, truffles, olive oil, garlic and pepper)

They are fried in 150 gr. Three cloves of crushed garlic of oil, as soon as the garlic takes on color add salt and pepper and lastly 100 gr. of grated truffles, so that they stay on the fire only for a moment. Cooked in the meantime 600 gr. of spaghetti in salted water and kept rather al dente, drain, put on a heated serving plate and season with olive oil and grated truffles, when they are still hot. They are then served both hot and cold.

Pollo Alla Zucca

Ingredients: (Serves 6) 750 gr. chopped chicken breasts, 750 gr. of pumpkin, 75 gr. flour, 3 shallots, 3 celery ribs, 3 cm of fresh root of 

ginger, 3 dl of chicken broth, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt to taste, pepper to taste

Preparation: Brown the celery and shallots in 4 tablespoons of oil, then add the chopped pumpkin, cook it for 5 minutes, bathing it with hot broth. Flour the chicken breasts and brown them in oil. Administer and add a little balsamic vinegar.


bocconcini di pollo e crema di zucca

Palombe Alla Ternana


Ingredients: palombe, olive oil, anchovies, garlic, vinegar, spring onions, parsley, capers, ham, lemon.


The wild pigeons or palombacci in Umbria are called or rather, they were called palombe and were a delicious bite for gourmets. The dogfish was plucked, the goiter removed, it was placed in a pan with a glass of oil, half a glass of vinegar, an onion, a few sage leaves, a slice of shredded ham, a lemon wedge and a few black olives. He covered the pan and let it boil for a good hour. After cooked, the head was removed, gutted and the entrails pounded in a mortar, along with a boned anchovy, a pinch of garlic, a pinch of parsley and some capers. This mixture was added to the liquid from the pan and mixed well after passing everything through a sieve. With this sauce we then seasoned the dogfish cut into pieces and placed on a serving dish