Olive Peranzana in Salamoia Lamedica Oleum

Peranzana Olives in Lamedica Oleum Brine


Varietà: Peranzana

Ingredienti: Olive Peranzana, acqua, sale. Correttore di acidità: Acido citrico. Antiossidante: Acid: ascorbico.

Confezione: 212ml-120gr sgocciolate

20 available


Thanks to the optimal consistency of its pulp and the sweet and balanced taste, table Peranzana (especially during periods of discharge) is an excellent table olive, especially if prepared black or Greek, especially if the harvest is postponed in late autumn (November-December): the characteristics improve and favor the blackening of the pulp and its partial sweetening. The characteristics of its hard pulp make it excellent for preparation in brine as the pulp retains its hardness for a long period (up to three years). However, it is also prepared white, pitted, chopped, stuffed or olive paste (pâté).


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