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olio evo a scopi salutari

The Peranzana is a Cultivar of Olivo whose production area is the north-west area of the Province of Foggia.The territories in which the cultivation of Peranzana is prevalent are those of the municipalities of San Paolo di Civitate, San Severo and Torremaggiore. The Peranzana cultivar is also called Provenzana or Provenzale.


The Peranzana tree has an expanded, upturned truncated cone shape with medium vigor
Typical pruning follows the "THREE" rule; the main trunk branches into three branches and so on in subsequent levels. An important characteristic of the Peranzana Cultivar is that it has a very low self-fertility index so that in the plantations there is typically 5% to 15% of Rotondella cultivar trees, a high fertility variety in order to cause a free-pollination fruit set around the '80%. Peranzana has a very high pulp / stone ratio which makes it a dual purpose cultivar: for oil and for table.

riconoscere un olio evo


interno oliva

On the nose, the varietal characteristics of the Peranzana olive reign, complete and fragrant,

gives intense and lively aromas of tomato, rocket, radish and ringing sensations of artichoke.
In the mouth it fully confirms the fresh and lively olfactory notes
without exceeding in bitter or spicy tones. Peranzana EVO oil has a golden yellow color with bright green reflections.