Tenute Cisterne Olio EVO Peranzana 200ml

Seals Cisterne Extra Virgin Olive Oil Peranzana 200ml


Olives: Peranzana

Milling: November / December, Continuous cycle

Medium Fruity

Tempo Raccolta – Molitura: > 1 giorno

Acidity:> 0.25

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This ceramic is available to order, not instantly, the price is for the single product. Ceramic dedicated to our land in the Cisterne district. Our Monocultivar Peranzana EVO Oil has a golden yellow color, with bright green reflections. On the nose the varietal characteristics of the Peranzana olive reign, complete and fragrant, giving intense and lively aromas of tomato, rocket, radish and ringing sensations of artichoke. In the mouth it fully confirms the fresh and lively olfactory notes without exceeding bitter or spicy tones.

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